Why us

We are a multi-disciplinary team of entrepreneurs, researchers, next-generation retail specialists, writers and audacious thinkers, interested in not only imagining the future of retail,
but creating it.

A passionate and complementary team.

The founders of Levia.ai, Lara and Tatiana, have been working together for the past 11 years focusing all their energy to 2 common passions :


How to engage consumers

In 2008, Lara & Tatiana launch Dealissime.com, a group buying web-site using email to drive consumers to store. They sold it in 2011 to Living social, a subsidiary of Amazon. They grew a successful business for the 2 of them to more than 120 employees in 2013 when they left to build Selectionnist.

Selectionnist was launched in 2013
Selectionnist is a mobile application that enables consumers to find a product they spotted on a picture just by snapping a picture.

In 2019, they launched Levia.ai to blend the human element of shopping with proprietary algorithms in order to help customers in their shopping journey.


Levia is the encounter between the founders and their CTO, Romain Riviere who brings a unique expertise in AI & NLP.


The rise of the FrenchTech & its diversity

The founders are very active in the Frenchtech ecosytem.


They launched 50Partners, an earlystage incubator & are active member of The Galion project, a tech think tank in which Tatiana is board member.


Lara is Vice president of France Digital, a lobby to transform France into a territory that is ripe for the development of start-ups, both within our borders and abroad.




Tatiana is member of the CNNUM the French Digital Council.

Tatiana is working on reducing the funding gap between men & female entrepreneurs.


Tatiana & Lara together with a group of entrepreneur, investors & corporate recently launched SISTA, a non profit organization to address the low rate of women led startup funded by Venture Capital in France.

We believe that conversational commerce is the sweet spot between marketing & tech.

Levia is born from the encounter between the founders and their CTO, Romain Rivière, who brings a unique expertise in AI & NLP.

Romain focused his career in math and computer science. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, where he built random models and graph algorithms for the analysis of genomic sequences and structures.


After his studies, he was a researcher at the institute for research in immunology and cancer in Montreal. Then, he served as an engineering manager and a scientific director for Twenga, the most comprehensive shopping search engine, where he spent 10 years working on key technologies, ranging from web mining at scale, image search and analysis, machine learning in the AdTech space as well as various NLP problems.


Romain’s goal is to leverage his knowledge of academic research to build concrete projects with high added value, in order to deliver to Levia’s customers the best product on the market.